Group Swim Lessons

Simpkins Family Swim Center offers year-round group swim lessons for students of all ages and abilities! Staff instructors work with small groups of students based on swim level. Group lessons are fun and aim to improve comfortability in the water and develop healthy swim technique!

Group Swim Lesson Levels

Review the swim levels below to determine which group lessons are the best match!
Once you've determined your level, register online.

For questions about the group swim levels, please call 454-7953

Sea Horses (Parents & Tots)

Ages 6 months & up. Parents are in the water with staff instructors to learn how to teach their child age-appropriate swim skills in a safe and encouraging environment. Participation in songs and games makes the experience a positive one. Children must wear disposable swim diapers and tight-fitting swim suits (2 layers of protection) if not yet toilet trained. Class ratio is 7:1. 

Barnacles (Level 1)

Ages 2 1/2 & up. Prerequisite: Comfortable in the water without a parent & able to listen and follow teacher's instruction. Skills introduced: Blowing bubbles, supported front/back floats, facial submersion, kicks and reach-and-circle arms. Class emphasis is on water adjustment and having fun! Class ratio is 4:1 

Guppies (Level 2)

Ages 3 & up. Prerequisite: Barnacle graduate or capable of fully submerging face, blowing bubbles for 5-10 seconds two times in a row and floating and kicking on front and back in shallow water with support. Skills introduced: Rhythmic breathing "bobs", jumping in, unassisted front and back floats and glides, assisted swim on front and back with arm strokes, kicks, and breathing, and basic water safety.

Goldfish (Level 3)

Ages 3 1/2 & up. Prerequisite: Guppy graduate or must be comfortable with face in the water while using arm strokes for at least 10 seconds, floating unsupported on front and back for at least 5 seconds, bob with rhythmic breathing 10 times in a row, and retrieve objects in chest-deep water. Skills introduced: Unassisted front arm strokes and kicks while breathing, turning-over, unassisted back glides and elementary backstroke, introduction to freestyle, side-breathing, introduction to treading water and basic water safety. Class ratio is 4:1. 

Sea Turtles (Level 4)

Ages 4 & up. Prerequisite: Goldfish graduate or capable of: unassisted strokes on front using simultaneous or alternating arm action (front crawl or breastroke) with breathing for 10 yards, unassisted back stroke with simultaneous arm action (elementary backstroke)  for 10 yards, front and back glides with push offs from the wall, bobbing with rhythmic breathing 15 times. Skills introduced/improved: Front crawl with side breathing, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, kneeling dives, treading water, changing directions, and basic water safety. Please note- the water depth of the Sea Turtles class is 3'6" minimum. If your child is under 4ft tall or has not taken swimming lessons in the past year, staff reccommend repeating a Goldfish (level 3) class prior to registering for the Sea Turtles Level. Class ratio is 5:1 

Sea Otters (Level 5)

Ages 5 & up. Prerequisite: Sea Turtle graduate or capable of: swimming 25 yards (1 lap) of front crawl with side breathing, backstroke at least 10-15 yards, elementary backstroke 25 yards, and the ability to tread water for 1 minute. Skills improved: Front crawl breathing technique & endurance, back crawl, elementary backstroke, treading water, surface dives to retrieve submerged objects. Skills introduced: Scissors kick, survival float, dolphin (butterfly) kick, open turns at the wall and standing dives. Water depth 4-5ft at class location. Class ratio is 5:1

Sea Lion (Level 6)

Prerequisite: Sea Otter graduate or capable of: swimming 25+ yards front crawl with side breathing, 25 yards backstroke, 25 yards breast stroke,  scissor kick for 10 yards, capable of kneeling or standing dives and able to tread water for at least 2 minutes. Skills improved: Front crawl with breathing to both sides and increased endurance, backstroke and breaststroke drills, standing dives and surface dives in deeper water, treading water and basic water safety. Skills introduced: Stroke drills for improved technique, Butterfly, Side Stroke, flip-turns at the wall. Water depth is 6-8ft. Class ratio is 6:1. Many Sea Lion and Barracuda offerings are combined classes. 

Barracudas (Level 7)

Designed to be taken multiple sessions to refine swimmers' techniques and increase endurance, or in preparation to join a swim team or Junior Lifeguards program.  Aquatics Staff lead swim workouts and skill lessons to match your swimmer's ability level or to focus on. Prerequisite: Sea Lion graduate or capable of: swimming 50+ yards front crawl with side breathing, 50+ yards back crawl, 50+ yards breast stroke, and tread water for 2+ minutes. Skills improved: All competitive swimming strokes and endurance. Skills introduced: Endurance swimming, competitive swimming strokes, turns and techniques, and basic lifeguarding skills. Class Ratio is 6:1 

Pre-Competition- currently unavailable

For ages 8-15. Pre-Competition (Pre-Comp) promotes a recreational approach to competitive swimming. It is designed to improve and strengthen swimming skills as preparation to join a swim team, or to prepare for a Junior Lifeguard or Lifeguard training program. Aquatic Staff Coaches will lead hour-long workouts with an emphasis on the four competitive swimming strokes along with starting and turning techniques. A fitness component will also be emphasized. Prerequisite: A repeat Barracuda swimmer, or capable of: swimming 100 yards front crawl with side breathing, 100 yards backstroke, 50 yards breaststroke, 25 yards butterfly, and tread water for 3+ minutes.

Register for Group Swim Lessons

Learn more details and how to register below!

How to Register Online
  • Create an account on ActiveNet.
  • Navigate to Swim Lessons.
  • Select your desired lesson.
  • Register and complete payment.
  • Thank you for choosing to take swim lessons with us!
Group Swim Lesson Details
  • If after reading the level descriptions you are unsure which level your child should be in, you can drop in for a FREE swim lesson assessment! A parent or guardian must accompany all minors. Please call the swim center front desk in advance.
  • All lessons are 30 minutes and sessions meet in various weekly formats.
  • Registration for swim lessons is on a first-come, first-served basis for each session. There are no "roll over" registrations or priority given for previous lesson participants. 
  • Questions? Contact Us!
Pools & Amenities
  • Swim lessons take place in either the 50-meter lap swim pool or warm water pool, depending on programming.
  • Amenities include locker rooms, bathrooms, ADA-accessible hot showers, lockers (bring your own lock), and swimsuit spinners. No towel service is available.

A water wheel chair is available at the swim center. Each pool has stationary, ADA compliant lifts plus a mobile lift for entry into the pools. An additional gender-inclusive bathroom is available with an ADA shower, changing bed, locker, and toilet.
Questions? Contact Us!

Missed Lessons & Cancellations

Make-up lessons are not available for missed classes.
If the participant has attended only one or two class meetings and issues cannot be resolved, a refund may be issued.
Credits or refunds are not available once a class has met three times, or if a participant fails to attend a program
If a class is cancelled by the Swim Center, a full refund will be issued within 4 weeks.

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