Coastal Encroachment Program

This program strengthens the County's commitment to improving public access and recreational activities within the coastal zone.

The purpose of the Coastal Encroachment Program is to identify existing or proposed encroachments within County-owned properties, including public rights-of-way, roads, and easements, that may prevent full public use of coastal trails, coastal access, beach trails, and beach access.

What is an Encroachment?

Encroachments are typically in the form of landscaping but can consist of fencing, walkways, patios, yard adornments and/or anything that extends beyond the property line.

As a result of prior ownership, there may be encroachments that current property owners are not aware of but require review.

Coastal Encroachment Permits

Please review the information below and email completed forms or any questions to



Do I need a Coastal Encroachment Permit?

A Coastal Encroachment Permit, issued annually, is required for any existing or proposed development, encroachment, and/or obstruction within County-owned properties, including easements, roads, and County rights-of-way, that may prevent full public use of coastal trails, coastal access, beach trails, and beach access. Private parking or No Parking signs posted on public property are also considered encroachments. Please contact us with any questions.

Permit Application & Annual Renewal

To apply for a Coastal Encroachment Permit, please complete the Coastal Encroachment Permit Application and provide a set of plans that clearly delineates the encroachment area. Additional information on the permit review process can be found below.

Coastal Encroachment Progam Policy & Fees

The Coastal Encroachment Policy was approved by the County Board of Supervisors on June 12, 2018. Fees collected through the program are used to improve and maintain coastal trails, coastal access, beach trails, and beach access. You can access the adopted policy & fees below.

Do I Need a Coastal Encroachment Waiver?

For property owners in a coastal encroachment zone applying for any permit from the County Planning Department, County Department of Public Works, or California Coastal Commission, either an application for a Coastal Encroachment Permit or a signed Coastal Encroachment Waiver is required with the respective permit application.

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