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Whether you are a beginner surfer or a seasoned pro, County Parks offers special opportunities to enhance your experience at County beaches! County Parks offers surf contest permits across the county and surf lessons through our surf school concessionaire program at Pleasure Point and the Hook!

Surf Contest Permits

Interested in hosting a surf contest at a County beach?
Learn how to apply below!

How to Apply

Complete the Request Form and email to

After you Apply

Upon review, a confirmation email will be sent with the status of your request. Once approved, a permit will be sent for signature through DocuSign. Payment is due at the time of signature and can be received by phone, check, or in person. Payment plans may be approved upon request.

Fees, Rules & Regulations

Please review our current pricing, rules, and regulations. Please be aware that some sites have special restrictions.

Surf Schools

County Parks is pleased to offer surf lessons through the Surf School Concessionaire Program.
You can learn to surf at Pleasure Point and the Hook with permitted, professional, and local surf schools!

Club-Ed Surf School & Camps

Richard Schmidt Surf School

Surf School Santa Cruz

New Nonprofit Surf School Pilot Program!

In a strategic effort to engage with the entire county of Santa Cruz and ensure our coastal access points are truly open to all, a Municipal Access Partnership Permit (MAPP) will be implemented in 2024.  Alongside the current standing commercial Surf School Concessionaire Program this new MAPP will be introduced and awarded in a separate application system to additional non-profit groups for similar services.  Through the Pilot Program the Department will award up to three (3) non-profit agencies a MAPP.

Important Dates:

  • Application Workshop (optional) October 24th from 2pm - 4pm at the County Parks Office RSVP
  • Applications due by November 29th at 3pm

Please email Sarah at with any questions or concerns. 

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