Heart of Soquel County Park

4740 Soquel Drive, Soquel



  • Multi-Use Linear Parkway
  • Plaza
  • Educational Interpretive Signs
  • Viewing Access of Soquel Creek
  • Observation Decks
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Public Art
  • Picnic Area
  • Bike Racks
  • Agents of Discovery App

Park Hours

Sunrise to 10 pm



Parking (ADA)

There is a parking lot with 34 spaces, 4 of which are ADA-compliant.

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Outdoor Class Permits

Whether it’s fitness, tai chi, plein air painting or any other low impact outdoor recreational activity, County Parks offers various park sites for you to teach your outdoor classes.

Special Events

Various neighborhood parks are available for special events. If you have a specific park in mind, please contact us.

Public Art

Juan Ramón Gimeno created the 5' high-fire ceramic sculptural piece, titled "Old Tree." The inner structure of the piece is stoneware, with a surface of textured porcelain and stoneware in neutral colors, mimicking the look of a weathered, fossilized Cypress tree.


Heart of Soquel Plaza was completed in Spring 2015. In 2021, County Parks completed construction and installation of a new pervious concrete multi-use trail from Heart of Soquel Plaza, along Soquel Creek, to the pedestrian bridge behind Soquel Elementary School to Main Street. The project includes the development of an all-access trail, habitat restoration, trail heads, drainage improvements, fencing, interpretive signage and a public art feature. Funding for the project came from the California River Parkways Grant Program!


The video below is not focused specifically on accessibility but includes a review by a local community leader
Brenda Gutierrez Baeza, who speaks to accessibiliy at the Heart of Soquel Parkway.

We are working on gathering information about accessibility at all County parks and facilities.
Check back here soon for more information.

To learn about County Parks' commitment to accessibility and inclusion and find accessible County parks and facilities,
see our Accessibility & Inclusion page here.